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1935 - Looking for old folks and linkages thru time

How many old-timers are there in Wyoming these days?

When I wrote a column some 18 months ago about the oldest people in Wyoming, we had folks ranging from 104 to 107 all over the state.

Most of those really, really old pioneers have since passed away. Not sure there any really old ones around any more.

Today, we are not sure if there is anyone over 102.

If you know of someone over 100, please let me know at  I would like to include them in a future column.


* * *


Everybody in the Cowboy State has been dealing with a grasshopper infestation in their yards and on their ranches – except me.

My two big stud ducks, Trump and Buck, are so fat they are literally dragging along the ground as they waddle from one tender morsel or another. They are eating grasshoppers during every waking hour. Although crunchy, it appears the ducks are just slurping the hoppers down their gullets whole.  Wow!

Meanwhile, they are actually turning up their noses at corn treats put out by my wife Nancy.  “The grasshoppers are just fine,” they seem to indicate as they waddle away from the corn.

Most recently we have had large flocks of birds flying around – reportedly because of the large number of grasshoppers and bees and wasps.

Various Wyoming news reports stated the infestation was predicted last March before the Legislature’s Joint Agriculture, Public Lands, and Water Resources Committee in Cheyenne.

With over 97,000 square miles of space, Wyoming can host a lot of grasshoppers and they arrived this spring in biblical hordes in some places. Nearly three million acres have reportedly endured the infestation.

But not in my yard.  To anyone needing help, I might loan you my ducks. But then again, they are already mighty stuffed.


* * *


From 1989 to 1994, I was a member of the Wyoming Travel Commission. Gov. Mike Sullivan appointed me to the post. I was chairman of that wonderful entity in 1992-1993.

The Director of Tourism was a wonderful man named Gene Bryan, a true legend in the travel business here in Wyoming. His life is full of great Wyoming stories. He even recently wrote a detailed book about the history of tourism marketing for the state.

But that’s another story for another time.

During my time on the Travel Commission, there was a bright young guy in Cheyenne who handled international travel for the Commission. It was the now famous author CJ Box. Coincidentally 28 years later, he is now vice-chairman of the state’s current version of the Travel Commission.

But that’s another story for another time.

         Box and I formed a company to promote international travel as a result of that, which was called Rocky Mountain International.  Around 1997, I sold my interest to my partner, CJ Box.

         I had founded it  in the early 1990s and well, we did some amazing things. Box did some even more amazing things after I sold him my interest.

         But that’s another story for another time.

         I took the money from the sale of my interest and bought a newspaper in Maui.  Wow, was this going to be fun!

         My wife Nancy and I loved going to Hawaii and we thought a Wyoming-Hawaii connection could be just about the best thing ever.

The editor of our Maui newspaper was a part-time protestant minister named Ron Winckler.

         Our adventures in the People’s Republic of Hawaii, were, well, partly good and mainly bad.

         But that’s another story for another time.

         Ron is a friend of mine on Facebook. He just posted the most amazing item, which I would like to repeat here:

“So, this is about is my mother-in-law, Charlotte. She`s 95, having been born in 1924.

“We were talking a couple of days ago. I asked about her childhood in San Diego. She brought up a man that used to come to her mother`s diner. She remembered his name, ‘Daddy’ Hayes and his age, almost 100-years-old.

"Daddy Hayes drove a horse-drawn wagon and collected scrap. He was born into slavery. Daddy Hayes, also told her that as a young adult, he had been present at President Abraham Lincoln`s Gettysburg Address in 1863.

“In 2019 I was talking on the phone with a woman who once talked with a former slave who actually heard Lincoln speak!

“Beyond amazing!”

Now that’s another story I can read about any time.

Amen, Brother.