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1944 - News from around Wyoming

Lots of things to write about around Wyoming. For example:


Football Night Lights in Wyoming - You gotta love small towns.  In Sheridan in the wee hours of the morning you had fire trucks, police cars, and what seemed like 100 carloads of football fans parading through town after the Broncs won the state 4A football championship in Laramie Nov. 16, 35-26, over Gillette Thunder Basin.

This happens all across America this time of year. But surely no state is quite as unique as Wyoming where all these fans are braving severe weather, icy roads, and vast distances while celebrating such a great event.

Big parades occurred in four other Wyoming towns. Other state champions included Star Valley beating Powell, 49-13 in 3A, Mountain View defeating Buffalo 24-14 in 2A; and Big Horn beating Cokeville 55-7 to win 1A 11-man; and Little Snake River beating Hanna-Elk Mountain, 71-38 in 1A 6-man.


Is Wyoming booming right now? -  Debbie Disney Pummel is one of the smartest hotel/motel people in Wyoming.  She helps guide Timberline Hospitality, which owns nine very nice motels in the state.

She will always remember the date of 9/9/19 at her 9 motels because every one of them was 100 percent full!  She oversees motels in Casper, Gillette, Buffalo, Lander, Rawlins, Laramie, and Rock Springs.

And this was not during the height of the tourism season, so it shows that a huge workforce is on the move in Wyoming right now.


Two Giant lawmakers did what?  - Two youthful and huge men who serve Wyoming as State Representatives accepted the taunts and challenges of their colleagues during the end of the last session in March. So they fought it out.

Cyrus Western (R-Sheridan) and Tyler Lindholm (R-Newcastle) got down on the floor and leg wrestled.  Western, who stands 6-5, says he defeated the lanky 6-7 Lindholm in this classic battle.

Not sure if such an event would match the decorum of the new State Capitol building, but it certainly fit the old K-Mart building where the men and women of the Legislature have labored over the past few years.


Bring our veterans home - Rep. Lindholm, a five-year veteran of the Navy, has an organization called BringOurTroopsHome.US, which he uses to promote getting our American troops out of foreign wars.

He hosted a meeting of like-minded legislators from around the country last week in Washington, D. C.

Press accounts report: Lindholm said, "We have a simple message for Rep. Liz Cheney and the rest of Congress. Support the President’s efforts to withdraw American troops from war zones in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and elsewhere, and bring our troops home. Then, before American troops are sent into combat overseas in the future, return to the Constitutional standard of requiring a formal declaration of war by Congress, as stipulated in Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution."


Predator attack in Powell – What was it?  A bear?  A mountain lion?  A wolf?

The Powell Tribune reports: Keela Hopkin and her family arrived home near Cowley Oct. 18 around 8 p.m. As they walked up to their house, they noticed their dogs were circling around them and barking. Hopkin sensed something wrong. 

She went inside the home and noticed blood all over the floor. She found her 40-pound Australian shepherd, Waco, bleeding profusely. The dog had numerous lacerations on his neck and flanks, swelling bruises and a nickel-sized hole in his chest wall. 

The Tribune story continued: “He was really beat up,” Hopkin recalled. They dressed Waco’s wounds as best they could and then took him to the Red Barn Veterinary Services in Powell. The dog had numerous rib fractures, a broken sternum that was dislocated into his chest cavity, and his lungs had collapsed. The vet said his injuries were so extensive that he’d need to go to the animal hospital in Billings. 

Hopkin has tried to get answers from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department over what attacked Waco, and she believes the response has been inadequate. Not only was Waco attacked, but also a Boer goat went missing and her other dogs have been carrying home remains of game animals that appear to have been torn apart by large predators. 

“I have children, livestock, horses and dogs on my property. And I am very concerned with the lack of action by Game and Fish to remedy a large predator that has been attacking animals,” she said in the Powell newspaper report.


Untimely death – We pass along our condolences to Chuck and Kate Brown of Wheatland for the unexpected passing of their lovely daughter Brenda, 57, as a result of cardiac arrest.  So sorry.